My name is Mika Latokartano, I’m an independent practitioner and explorer of ideas and transformative ways of doing things.Self portrait  My passion is to connect and engage people and organizations in dialogue, practical research, exploration of ideas and discovery.

I study and seek to apply in practice insights from a cross-disciplinary field of sciences and methods, including complex adaptive systems theory, narrative research, anthropology, philosophy, evolutionary biology and cognitive sciences.  I believe that traditional management approaches have long since reached the end of their utility, and to successfully make sense of and act in contemporary environments requires new praxis.

I’m also an Accredited Cognitive Edge Practitioner, part of a network of professionals with deep-rooted experience in business and science, applying Cognitive Edge methods to addressing intractable problems and dealing with complex and uncertain situations.

By my nature I’m a skeptic and a scientific rationalist, a card-carrying geek and an Apple fiend (cheers, Dave C – borrowed your title).  I enjoy reading popular science books and papers from arXiv.org, I’ve stopped fighting my iTunes U addiction, I’m a fly-fisherman and a hunter, and an Affliction Warlock on Kilrogg.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a place for me to ‘think out loud’, when 140 characters just won’t do it, and I want a more permanent place for my thoughts than what I think Google+ currently provides. Time will tell whether or not blogging is my thing.

Like Dorothy Parker once said: “I hate writing, I love having written.”

You’ll find me on Twitter as @ImaginaryTime, and on Google+ as Mika Latokartano.

“Here’s to the crazy ones.”


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